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CT Problems

Personal Identity People could be lying about their age. People could be imitating specific people that. People could lie about their location. Software Interoperability The site is designed specifically for a desktop user, although the tools used are responsive and should translate over to  Mobile devices, this is not a guarantee and issues may still […]

304 Home

TriExpansionPartnership This is the Tri Expansion Partnership knowledge base wiki (TEPwiki). At its inception Tri Expansion Partnership is a partnership of Chris and Jo which has developed the specification for the Tri Expansion Partnership software. We expect to recruit somewhere between 15 and 20 people in the first 6 months as the system is developed. […]

Site Purpose

A wiki is a repository of information in which users are actively engaged with, and encouraged to, participate in the editing of pages.


User Access Anyone can view the website and the posts Only Approved Users may be able to create new posts All posts will have to be approved by an Administrator before becoming public Confidentiality We make every endeavour to protect our users personal information All given details will stay within the confines of the website […]

Software Development

Software Development The software will be built on shared core functionality so that each package uses ALL the functionality of the lower package(s). We need to identify the following issues: Database Development Tools and any required ‘Add ons’ Any installation issues (for example database installation and configuration) Specification BookingSoft Make individual booking Make group booking […]


It is expected that marketing of the products will begin within the next 3 to 6 months, initially concentrating on BookingSoft, aimed at the lower end of the market and as each product is finalised development will begin of the next package. As none of us are experts, until we can recruit a marketing person, […]