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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour training course carried out over two full days or four half days or nights.

It is highly effective in covering anxiety, suicide, depressive disorders, psychosis and substance use.

Training is delivered using case studies, group work, videos and discussion to ensure all learning styles are catered for.

The course aim is to increase knowledge and confidence amongst participants enabling them to provide first aid and support for people experiencing a mental health problem.

Course Overview

Many people are unsure how to respond to someone who appears to be experiencing a mental health problem.

Our course provides participants with the knowledge and confidence to recognise mental health problems, to respond helpfully and support the person’s recovery.

It is of value for employers who have concerns about the mental health of their staff, primarily because it highlights the different behaviours associated with mental health conditions within the workplace as well as ways of managing those behaviours.

MHFA is a certified course and has been in development for 16 years and has an international profile in over 20 countries.

Key benefits include:

  • Helping to spot the early signs of a mental health problem
  • Feeling confident to help someone experiencing an issue
  • Providing help on a first aid basis
  • Helping to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
  • Preventing a mental illness from getting worse by applying a range of techniques to manage a mental health condition
  • Assisting with fast recovery
  • Guiding someone towards the right support
  • Reducing the stigma of mental health problems
  • Increasing awareness of participants own attitudes to mental health and illness

The cost of the course is £150 +VAT per person, minimum ten participants. Discount is available for larger groups and charities. Please contact us to discuss availability.