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UK Smart Recovery

UK SMART Recovery - Addictive Behaviour

Vivian is NI’s Regional Co-ordinator for UK SMART RECOVERY.

This non-judgmental programme can be used to tackle any form of addictive behaviour including drugs, alcohol and gambling in a highly supported environment.

It invites participants through meetings and open discussions to discover the power of choice and helps people recover from addictive behaviour and lead meaningful and satisfying lives.

Our approach is both secular and science based; using motivational behaviour and cognitive methods.

We run a network of self-help meetings and partner with health care and judicial professional and where appropriate support the use of prescribed medications and psychological treatments.

Meetings are held in Hydro-Ease. UK SMART Recovery is an evolving process, developing alongside scientific understanding and research into addiction. If you are an individual, community group or organisation and interested in hosting a meeting, please get in touch.