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Our Floatation Tanks

Our Floatation Tanks

At Hydro-ease every effort has been made to maximise your healing and restorative experience.

We have invested heavily in our facilities and are proud to offer the only two-person float cabins available in Ireland made by a world leading supplier of floatation tanks.

That means up to four people can float with us at any given time.

We understand floatation sessions are all about relaxation however a significant number of people might be put off by feelings of claustrophobia or being confined in a small space.

We have solved that problem by installing larger floatation tanks. Our cabins are externally 7ft in height and 6ft by 8ft in dimension, internally 6.6ft in height and 5.5ft by 7.2ft in dimension giving you plenty of room to relax and breathe.

At Hydro-ease we invite you to step in through a conventional style door aided by grab handrails to assist users sit down and begin their float.

To promote maximum enjoyment of the experience and for optimum benefit, we advise our floatation tank users to float in complete darkness.

We have also installed underwater RGB LED lighting in red, blue and green. These three colours combined can produce over 16 million hues of light to illuminate the interior with a feeling of tropical calm for those who are apprehensive about the dark.

Hygiene is also important to us.

Our clients are asked to shower before and after their float. Tanks come equipped with a filtration system activated hourly and at the end of each session. Our cabin and shower rooms are routinely deep cleaned.

For your health and safety, we also conduct a full risk assessment and audit carried out by Environmental Health, water risk assessments and bacteria testing of mains supply, robust and continuous review of water maintenance procedures, daily water testing to ensure PH, alkalinity and free chlorine levels are maintained.

Hydro-ease has Centre of Excellence status from manufacturers Floataway.

Please call us to chat through your requirements and any other questions you may have about Hydro-ease, floatation and our range of other therapeutic services.