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Floatation Supports the improvement of both physical and mental health



Do you or a member of your family live with physical ailments such as back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia or even sports injury?

Have you tried everything else and run out of options?

Imagine a haven, a safe place where tranquillity, deep relaxation, reintegration and healing occurs. A place that offers permanent and quick relief. Floatation offers all of this and more, during the float your blood pressure, heart rate and pulse all settle at a level that is right for you offering an immediate improvement to your physical state through a profound level of relaxation. All backed up by evidence based research.


Do you or a family member live with compromised thought patterns, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD or even ADHD or Autism?

Are you longing for a place where your mind can rest and be guided into silence or to a creative space of comfort. Where you can reduce the fight or flight response and be invited to be in the moment.

Floatation is a holiday for the mind and allows you to notice the smaller things in life affording you the space and time to release the impulsive need to deal with the irritations that quicken and multiply your thinking. Slowing the brain waves means Floatation gives the mind space to just be and in doing so improves the quality of your mental health.


Floatation involves the multiple healing and restorative benefits to be gained from relaxing in a cabin filled with 25cms skin temperature water and half a tonne of Epsom salt.

As you lie back and remove the need for movement and balance the sense of self is afforded the time and space to recharge, reconnect and explore your purpose.

With the invite to "tune into" to who you really are and what's happening within your own skin. Your creativity, consolidation of learning and memory are all enhanced thus establishing a connection to your intuition and authenticity.

This amazing therapy HAS to be experienced to be fully understood - Research states the benefits are greatly enhanced by the 3rd float

What We Offer At Hydro-Ease


Floatation Packages

Our Floatation Cabins

At Hydro-ease every effort has been made to maximise your healing and restorative experience with us. We have invested heavily in our facilities and are proud to offer the only two-person float cabins available in Ireland made by a world leading supplier of floatation tanks, Floataway That means up to four people can float with us at any given time. We understand floatation sessions are all about relaxation, however a significant number of people might be put off by feelings of claustrophobia or being confined in a small space.We have solved that problem by installing larger floatation cabins instead of tanks. Our cabins are 7ft in height and 6ft by 8ft in dimension, giving you plenty of room to relax, float and breathe. At Hydro-ease we invite you to step in through double conventional style doors aided by grab handrails to assist you to sit down and begin their float. To promote maximum enjoyment of the experience and for optimum benefit, we advise our floatation tank users to float in complete darkness, although for some people this may be too much so we have installed underwater LED lighting in red, blue and green. These three colours combined can produce over 16 million hues of light to illuminate the interior with a feeling of tropical calm.

We also promote the float to be experienced in complete silence, but yet again this may be too much so we have added speakers under the water for you to listen to whatever you feel would be suitable for you, alternatively we have lots of relaxing music on our IPod that you can choose from.

We really have thought of everything to ensure your experience with us is EXACTLY as you would like it.

Our guests are required to shower before and after their float. Our cabins come equipped with a filtration system activated hourly and at the end of each session. Our cabins and shower rooms are cleaned, sanitised and prepared in between guests and routinely deep cleaned.

For your health and safety, we also conduct an annual full risk assessment and audit carried out by an external assessor, IOTA, water risk assessments and bacteria testing of mains supply, robust and continuous review of water maintenance procedures, daily water testing to ensure PH, alkalinity and free chlorine levels are maintained.

Hydro-ease has Centre of Excellence status from manufacturers Floataway.

Please call us to chat through your requirements and any other questions you may have about Hydro-ease, floatation and our range of other therapeutic services.

“My experience of floatation at Hydro-ease in Belfast was a lovely introduction to this modality of healing. After my hour suspended in the pool, my body freed from all external tension and my mind spared all sensory overstimulation. I found myself in a state of relaxation and a feeling of pleasant anticipation. I immediately saw how this technique could help ease many stress-related conditions in our frenetic culture.”

Gabor Mate, Internationally renowned Doctor
with special interest in childhood development and trauma

Vivian is an earth angel with abilities and knowledge beyond compare. I had my first RAFT session with her yesterday. Robert was also very helpful and explained everything. I floated away from life’s distractions after my 1-1 session which I found to be really peaceful and healing. After such a fantastic encounter I feel like I could handle anything. I have already scheduled my next RAFT appointment with Hydro-ease which i strongly recommend 


Jennifer Conlon


First Time Floaters (FTF) The craziest, weirdest, strangest but loveliest feeling. Can’t wait for our second float and be upgraded to second time floaters


Andrew & April

Comments book in the post float room (FLOAT)

I was recommended for flotation therapy by my consultant after a car crash 6 months ago, all i can say is wow! My body and mind forgot all about the crash, for the first time since it happened! I feel such a sense of freedom and so relaxed, like I could take on the world! Staff were so helpful and the place was spotless. Can’t believe I never even knew this place existed, I’m going home to tell all my friends. A little bit of heaven on earth



Comments book in post float room. (FLOAT)

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