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Northern Ireland's Original Floatation Centre
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Welcome to Hydro-Ease

Do you suffer from physical ailments such as back pain, fibromyalgia or sports injury? Do you or a family member have autism? Does your distress originate from debilitating mental health issues such as coping with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction or trauma? Have you tried everything else and run out of options?

Imagine a haven, a safe place where tranquillity, deep relaxation, reintegration and healing occurs. A place where you can access new, restorative interventions and techniques that offer permanent and quick relief.

Hydro-ease, at Inspire Business Park, Dundonald on the outskirts of Belfast is the first dedicated floatation and wellness centre of its kind on the island of Ireland and has an original service offer built upon the unique skills, qualifications and life experiences of its owner, Vivian McKinnon.

She established it in response to surviving a troubled and traumatic childhood. Having transformed her own life, Vivian has now dedicated herself to helping others through the offer of either floatation or solutions based therapy or a combination of both.

woman floating in our pink cabin

Floatation or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Floatation involves the multiple healing and restorative benefits to be gained from relaxing in a cabin filled with 25 centimetres of body temperature water.

It is infused with half a tonne of Epsom Salt in a gravity free environment which allows the body and mind to reset, recharge and reconnect.

Otherwise known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or REST, Floatation promotes a state of deep relaxation, allows the skeletal structure to align, increases the release of endorphins and enables the mind and nervous system to completely unwind.

Wellness Consultant

In addition, Hydro-ease offers solutions based therapy through its Wellness Consultant  service.

It uses the latest techniques and advances in neuroscience to enable and enhance wellbeing including the Havening Technique™️, Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Auricular Acupuncture and a dedicated Smart Recovery programme to assist in overcoming addictive behaviours.

Hydro-Ease founder "Vivian McKinnon" standing beside a sign for our exclusive RAFT program

RAFT Programme

It's RAFT Programme, Reconnection, Recovery and Floatation Therapy, exclusive to Hyrdo-ease, combines floatation with the best therapeutic solutions.

Specially created and developed by Vivian, RAFT introduces a revolutionary new approach to trauma recovery and emotional regulation by creating ‘person centred’ pathways to a better life.

How We Help

Hydro-ease helps with emotional and psychological trauma, anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, PTSD, grief, guilt and shame, anger and rage, insomnia and sleep issues, compulsions, addictions, self-esteem and confidence, craving and emotional eating as well as relief from chronic pain.

Expert Testimonial

Hydro-Ease owner "Vivian McKinnon" standing beside world renowned physician "Gabor Mate"

Gabor Mate, Medical Doctor with special interest in childhood development and trauma

My experience of floatation at Hydro-ease in Belfast was a lovely introduction to this modality of healing.

After my hour suspended in the pool, my body freed from all external tension and my mind spared all sensory overstimulation. I found myself in a state of relaxation and a feeling of pleasant anticipation.

I immediately saw how this technique could help ease many stress-related conditions in our frenetic culture.