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7 Day Emotion Regulator

Seven Day Emotion Regulator

How to regulate emotions?

Unique to Hydro-ease, Vivian has developed an evidence based Seven Day Emotion Regulator course as a great introduction to her RAFT programme.

This brand new revolutionary product uses a combination of floatation therapy and havening techniques ‘to super charge personal change.’

Using cutting-edge approaches to neuroscience in combination with floatation, this taster course enables you to lift the lid on layers of ego, experiences and human programming and uncover your authentic self.

It introduces the RAFT programme using an easy to follow written task and audio recording format in no more than ten minutes a day across a full week.

Participants will learn how to regulate emotions, to create ‘in the moment’ rational responses rather than reactions.

Each day has its own focus:

Day 1. Anger

Day 2. Sadness

Day 3. Fear

Day 4. Guilt/shame

Day 5. Hurt

Day 6. Anxiety

Day 7. Consolidation of the learnings before your float

Learn how to regulate emotions today! The seven day course is available now from our online shop and combined with a 60 minute float can be purchased for just £65.

Client Testimonial


Susan Best, 7 day Emotion Regulator & Float therapy

I have just completed the emotion regulator 7 days course and had my float on the seventh day. I am feeling absolutely fantastic. It involves a short written exercise of four questions whilst applying the havening techniques afterwards and listening to a short audio guide, approximately five to six minutes long addressing strong negative emotions. They peeled away like layers of an onion skin! I feel renewed. Even my husband remarked how much more upbeat and positive my mood seems to be. The audio is mine to keep on my phone, so I know I can always come back to it if I feel the need. Thank you so much Viv. Bless you from the bottom of my heart. I shall be back again soon.