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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking has really taken off in the last 5 years, why is that?

Well I believe it’s due to the age old recognition that anyone who has a message to share, a lesson to teach or an idea to bring to life will find it easier to share it far and wide by daring to stand up and speak out.

As the pioneer of Floatation therapy in Northern Ireland, I realised early on that it would massively benefit me to master this essential skill if I wanted to inspire and emotionally connect with people and share my passion through story telling in public.

In ancient Greece public speaking was used to primarily praise or persuade others, the Greeks called this rhetoric. Later, when Rome came to power, public speaking was used during the sessions of the Roman senate, the Romans adopted the public speaking rhetoric methods of the Greeks.

If you fast forward to the 20th Century public speaking became popular in the U.S. and Europe then after World War II a less formal and more conversational style of speaking started to become popular. Electronic tools became available to enhance public presentations. These electronic tools evolved into the computer software tools, such as PowerPoint and pages.

Upcoming Events

My public speaking journey has seen my train, and take to stages in, UK and the USA speaking to audiences on subjects including floatation, RAFT (Our unique approach to healing), self-belief, resilience, and many other topics.

My own personal story sheds light on various life directions and is structured in a way that can divert to cover many themes. Through engaging with business development and entrepreneur programmes, mentors and coaches I have developed everything from a 1 minute “elevator” pitch to a 90 minute key note speech.

If you are you are looking to bring authenticity, inspiration and a story of true grit to your event then I am the speaker you are looking for.

My ability to bring an audience along with me is fascinating to watch and inspiring to be part of, if you have an event and you want a speaker who will make an impact and get your audience talking, contact me now to discuss your requirements.

If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills and engage with an audience using clarity and connection, based on your “Why”. And to communicate in a way that ensures your audience will never forget how you helped them to feel, my training courses are guaranteed to give you the edge you are looking for.

Be at your Peak each time you Speak.