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Floatation Questions

Following are answers to some commonly asked Floatation questions.

What should I do to prepare?

It’s practical not to shave or wax for at least 24 hours prior to floating. Come to us with a light stomach and avoid drinking a lot of fluids, especially caffeine or other stimulants before you float. Please see our full Terms and Conditions. We also recommend you take a few minutes before you float to transition into the experience. Maybe read a book, close your eyes or do some deep breathing? Go in without expectation. Relax. Ask yourself what you are challenged with? Don’t try to stop your thoughts from flowing.

What do I need to bring with me?

Just bring your fine self and an open mind! We provide everything you need from freshly laundered towels, accessories such as ear plugs and vaseline (to seal up small cuts), wet wipes, cotton buds, eco-friendly shampoos, body wash and conditioner, moisturiser, deodorant, hairbrush and hairdryer. Feel free to bring any personal items such as your own hairdryer or makeup. For contact lens wearers; don’t forget your case. As our float cabins, changing areas and showers are each in their own private room, there is no need to wear anything while floating. We find that anything you wear will only serve as a sensory distraction. But you are also more than welcome to wear a swimsuit.

What should I expect the experience to be like?

It varies from person to person. To get the most out of the experience, please try to fully relax in the same way you would do if you were meditating. Once you learn to let go and fully relax you will really start to enjoy the experience. It can take a few float sessions for people to re-learn how to relax and just be. Research recommends committing to at least three floats to feel the full benefits which is why we offer buy two and get one free to all our new customers. We also recommend some quiet time afterwards to integrate the experience.

How are the cabins kept clean?

In addition to the required pre-float shower, each float cabin has a filtering process that consists of a micron filter and a small amount of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). We test the water daily for proper pH balance, total alkalinity, perfect temperature as well as specific gravity and hydrogen peroxide levels. Skimmers are also used to keep the surface clean and we regularly deep clean the entire space to ensure our float facilities are pristine. The water in our float cabins is filtered after every single client and on the hour when not in use. The high concentration of Epsom Salt creates an environment which inhibits growth of bacteria or other micro-organisms. Cabins are inspected and thoroughly cleaned after each client.

What if water gets in my ears or eyes?

We ask our clients to put earplugs in prior to showering while hands and ears are still dry. We recommend using cotton buds after your post-float shower. It’s not a big deal if you end up getting salt water in your ears. We simply recommend you use a small amount of vinegar solution we provide to flush the salt out. To avoid getting salt water in your eyes, dry your face and hairline completely before entering the cabin. Avoid touching your face once you are in there. A water spray bottle has been provided just in case.

Will the salt dehydrate me?

No. The Epsom Salt is actually wonderful for your skin which will be left feeling silky and smooth. No pruning here.

Is it safe to fall asleep?

Yes and people often do because they are so relaxed. Don’t worry about your safety because you will stay afloat due to the buoyancy created by half a tonne of Epsom Salt in the water. It’s quite amazing. No matter what size, shape or weight your body, you will float. And your mouth, nose and eyes stay well above the water line. It’s practically impossible to flip over and even if you did so the salt water in your eyes will sting and wake you up.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Please be reassured the sensation of floating is more like floating in outer space than a confined area and you are always in total control of your float. Feel free to leave the float cabin door open or the light on. Ask your float assistant if you would like music on during your float. You are free to enter and exit your float cabin any time you wish.

Can I float if I am pregnant?

Definitely and we would highly recommend it. Unless you are a regular user it is recommended within the first twelve weeks that new experiences are avoided. Please seek medical advice. Floating is the closest thing to being in the womb and creates a calm and relaxed experience for both you are your baby. Not only does floating allow you to take time out from the added stress of pregnancy but alleviates the strain from the added weight in the weightless environment. If you are concerned for any reason double check with your doctor.

Can I float with a friend?

Yes both our float cabins accommodate two people so you can share the experience separately or together.

Can I float longer than 60 minutes?

Yes, the first couple of times you float 60 minutes is probably all you need as you familiarise yourself with this new experience. Later you will probably want to float for longer periods of time. All our ambassador members float for 90 minutes each time.

Are there any age or weight limitations?

The physical and mental benefits are as useful to children as they are to adults but some may lack some of the mental discipline for more meditative floating. We ask that children are fully potty trained and would recommend floating from five years onwards. We do need permission waivers for anyone under 18, and a parent or carer must be present and float with those under the age of 16. Our oldest client so far has been 83 and there is no upper age limit. You will experience all the same benefits no matter your age and enjoy some respite from nagging aches or pains. If you have mobility issues and might need help getting in and out of the cabin you will need to bring a helper. Please advise us in advance. As long as you can safely get in and out of the cabin, you should be safe to float regardless of your age or weight. Similar to other water based services such as a pool or spa, please use caution as the floor can become slippery.

Are the float cabins disability accessible?

If you are in a wheelchair, getting in and out of the float suite over a small step and then into the cabin, is largely dependent on the extent of your upper body function and strength. If you can lift yourself out of your wheelchair and into bed, for example, you will likely be able to lift yourself over the float cabin threshold which is about two feet off the floor. Please bring a friend with you to help and please advise us beforehand. Your assistant can wait in either our relaxing post float room or in our float suite. We have plenty of reading material or just simply relax.

What about my hair and hair dye?

Yes, your hair will get wet, though the water is neutral and the Epsom Salt not at all harsh. If you dye your hair, you will need to wait at least three days after to give your new colour time to set in completely. With red dye, we require waiting seven days to float. Unfortunately you cannot float if you have Henna colouring in your hair or a Henna tattoo. Please also note if you use a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, it is recommended staying out of salt water and this includes Epsom Salt. If you use this product, we recommend against getting your hair full wet by using a high quality swimmer’s cap to keep as much water out as possible.

Can I float during menstruation?

Yes. Provided you use appropriate sanitary products such as a tampon or menstrual cup, as you would do in a pool or spa.

How often should I float?

It’s completely up to you. However when you first start floating, it’s ideal if you float a few times within a fairly short period such as three floats within two to four weeks. We know this isn’t always possible and most people will benefit from even one float. We encourage you to float regularly, say monthly, fortnightly or weekly for long-term benefits such as helping to maintain reduced stress levels, using it for meditation and improving overall mental and physical health. The best prices we offer come from our Ambassador memberships. Check out our pricing for information on how to become an Ambassador member today.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t float?

Floating is safe for almost everyone but it’s not recommended for some people. You shouldn’t float if you have incontinence, uncontrolled epilepsy, open wounds, an infectious disease, drug or alcohol intoxication or kidney problems. If you have a severe medical condition, consult your doctor first. You should wait three weeks after getting a tattoo so it has time to heal and set. You cannot float if you have Henna colouring in your hair or a Henna tattoo.

Just ask

We love to help and want to ensure everyone who visits us enjoys their experience. Feel free to contact us or call in and ask any questions that need answering. If you would like to see the cabins before you float, please call us before popping in so we can ensure at least one of the cabins are free. Thank you.