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This is the Tri Expansion Partnership knowledge base wiki (TEPwiki).

At its inception Tri Expansion Partnership is a partnership of Chris and Jo which has developed the specification for the Tri Expansion Partnership software. We expect to recruit somewhere between 15 and 20 people in the first 6 months as the system is developed.

It has been decided that all inter-staff communication on business matters will be done via TEPwiki which will host the software documentation including specification, software design, database design, reference manual as well as the business plan detailing marketing, sales, staffing responsibilities, administration etc. Chris and Jo will head up the major sections of the business and will have as one of their functions the task of authoring the various pages TEPwiki.


To create a knowledge base of the company’s procedures.

To avoid all use of internal emails as a way of raising and solving issues.

To document all aspects of the business plan.

To create an open and transparent means of raising, discussing and resolving all business issues.



Software Development