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General Facts about Floating and Hydro-Ease, Northern Ireland’s Premier Float Centre

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog about floating.

It’s usually floating for mental or physical health related, or something that has piqued my interest that month. We’ve had a few people in the last few months enquire about floating with a stoma (Colostomy bag) or during or after cancer treatment.

These are just 2 examples of times where floating can provide a much welcome relief and reset.

In general floating is very safe, although if you have concerns it’s always wise to run something new past your doctor or consultant.

There are many published peer reviewed papers related to floating that can be shared with medical professionals found here

General Facts about Floating and Hydro-Ease, Northern Ireland’s Premier Float Centre

We have float cabins, big enough for 2 people should you chose to invite a friend. The float cabin is a large (6ft by 8ft) shallow pool. Users generally float on their backs, although pregnant women sometimes choose to float with their elbows resting on the bottom of the tank or use one of our neck doodles, some even use our float poles for under their arms and legs.

The float solution is kept at skin temperature (35-36 degrees) for the best results floats of 90 minutes are recommended. However, if you are new or a little apprehensive or sceptical we do offer 60 minute floats. The environment is warm, humid, quiet, and dark.

The float solution is sanitised filtered water and very large amounts of Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate). There is around half a tonne of Epsom Salt in each of our cabins, which makes floating super easy.

Broken skin is uncomfortable (Oya oya stingy) in the very salty water. If you’re unsure about your skin integrity, apply some alcohol-based hand sanitiser to the area. If it burns or stings it’ll be uncomfortable in the tank. 

Minor scrapes will stop stinging in a few minutes, and we do provide petroleum jelly to cover small areas. While tolerating minor irritation until it stops while in the cabin guides you to doing the same thing in life in general. However widespread eczema or psoriasis will sting like mad and compromise the integrity of the water.

Between each user the float solution is run through a large physical filter. We also maintain a constant dose of sodium hypochlorite (a gentle chlorine).

The environment can be slippery. There are safety grab bars around the float doors. We also have some additional props if you’re worried about your balance.

Getting into the tanks requires getting over a threshold of about 20”, you also have the option to sit on the edge of the cabin while lifting your feet in. We also have a chair for you to rest before and after entering.

All users are required to shower with just water before their floats. Just to wash away any deodorants or perfumes.

When floating, the solution covers the ears. We provide earplugs and strongly recommend their use. However, if you chose not to, we also supply vinegar water to wash the ears afterwards and dissolve any salt.

The cabins are on one level with a small step entering the float room and wheelchair accessible; however, you may need to bring someone if your mobility is restricted.

There are 2 showers in each individual room (we have 2) meaning if you chose to share the float you both have a shower each.

If you don’t like the dark, you can request colour therapy while floating, if you don’t like silence, you can request music while you float, we have committed to making Hydro-Ease as accessible as possible to everyone. We believe we have the anti-dote to modern life and that EVERYONE should float.

After your float experience, we provide a beautiful space for your to just chill until you feel like going back out into the world, this room has lovely teas, bottles of water, biscuits, colouring in books, reading books, hairdryer, straighteners, face and hair products and many more little touches.

Some Specific Medical Considerations:

  • Uncontrolled epilepsy is a contraindication, as is any medication that compromises your ability to be alert and responsible while alone in a bath.
  • If you have asthma or COPD, humidity might be a comfort issue, however the salty air is hugely beneficial.
  • If your kidney function is massively compromised, talk to your doctor about the magnesium soak before you come float.
  • Low blood pressure requires caution at the end of your float. Move slowly and use the safety grab bars.
  • Please do not float if you have an active infection and/or high fever.
  • If you’ve had a recent infection with a parasite, Giardia or Cryptosporidium, please do not float.
  • If you have issues with incontinence, please do not float.
  • If you appear to be intoxicated, or heavily medicated. Water is not safe if you aren’t alert.
  • PICC lines, and colostomy bags (stoma) require some discussion with your doctor, there is a good chance they will be grand for floating depending on location and status. Issues with broken skin and adhesives may cause high levels of discomfort. We have had people lay ostomy bags on their stomach and float during or after some cancer treatments and float with no problem – Again chat to your doctor.
  • For diabetics, there is some indication that magnesium (from Epsom salt) can affect your blood glucose, but this is not well studied.

Floating is just the most amazing experience. 

We have books and books of positive feedback from people who have found the secret hack to better mental and physical health. 

So, what are you waiting for, book your float here and I’ll look forward to welcoming you