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It is expected that marketing of the products will begin within the next 3 to 6 months, initially concentrating on BookingSoft, aimed at the lower end of the market and as each product is finalised development will begin of the next package.

As none of us are experts, until we can recruit a marketing person, we’re going to start our thinking using classic marketing theory.

Marketing is usually looked at in terms of the 4 P’s


Initially we will develop 3 packages. Currently these packages are known under their development names of:




We will identify the launch names once we have finalised all the details regarding trade names and domain names. The detailed specification of the three packages will be uploaded on to TEPwiki at a future point once we have started recruiting software developers etc.

Broadly speaking the three packages will build up extra functionality based on the lower product, BookingSoft is the lowest specification product and StockSoft the highest specified. Each product includes all the functionality of the lower product. It is imperative that once the detailed design specification phase begins that the modularity of these packages is borne in mind to prevent double coding of functionality.

Each product will be fully documented on TEPwiki and will be the complete log of all functionality. No other document will be a source for information with regard to UI design, functionality, data storage etc.

What is essential is that the development team do not have any say whatsoever on the initial specification as they are clueless as to how this type of software should function.


We will use the following promotional methods:

Trade Shows

The sites of local Trade Shows are shown below:

Mail shot

Fax messages



Open Days

Trade journal/newspaper adverts.



TEPwiki will eventually contain all details of the various Marketing initiatives. TEPwiki will be developed as time allows.