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What do you do for you?


Do you ever have days when you are so productive that you achieve way more than you ever imagined possible? Then other days when you do a celebratory dance because you’ve managed to get your shoes on the right feet! Well, that’s how my life has been for the last few months.

I firmly believe you have to water, nurture and look after many seeds to grow the best plants, and its the same at work. I am always generating leads and conversing with people and projects aligned to my mission which means I am generally really busy.

Lots of people comment on how much I fit into my time and how busy I must be, my answer is always the same, I work 4 days a week and every minute is accounted for. I also have a very good self-care regime with a solid relationship and investment to my true authentic self to ensure I am always looking after me. If I always fill everyone else’s cup and leave mine to run dry I won’t really be giving anyone my best … let alone myself.

Always remember to invest in yourself – it is the wisest investment you will ever make as it has the best return for your money, what have you done lately to invest in yourself?

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to go to London and attend Andy Harrington “Public Speakers University” course to improve my public speaking presence. I have since then presented on local and global stages spreading my message and using my old, and new, skills.

I have now developed a one day course “Be at your peak each time you speak” applying a therapeutic slant to public speaking. When you are aware of how you create your reality you have more control over how you feel.

In this one day course I share my knowledge and skills to help you improve your public speaking skills. This one day course takes place on 20 November at Lombard House, Lombard Street Belfast. You can book your place .

In November, we will be trialing a new booking system called Helm. Helm is a system developed especially for the float industry and will really improve our internal processes, it will also make it easier for our Ambassador members to make their payments.

Oh and a change to the Ambassador deal, if you are an ambassador and you bring someone to float at the same time as you they also only pay £45 for a 90 minute float!

We are really looking forward to Wednesday 31 October when Johnny will be shaving off his beard to support our charity partner local children’s cancer charity Bandanas for the Brave and we will get to see who is under all that hair! Please support Johnny!

And finally from the 31 October 2018 to 14 November 2018 we are offering £5 off all vouchers purchased when quoting “Christmas vouchers” and even better than that, for every 3 vouchers purchased you can book a FREE float for yourself (to be booked and taken before the end of January 2019). For full details contact us.