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Magic is within you

November is always a busy month here at Hydro-Ease. And even more so this year as we are a staff member down, the lovely Maela was offered a last-minute University place to study Art Psychotherapy and our new staff member doesn’t start until January 2024; that’s the thing being a business owner, you are always […]

We Cannot Change The Seasons, But We Can Adjust Our Clothes.

Magic is within you

Wow! October already, time for trick or treat, or as we used to call it years ago in Scotland “Going Guising” Dressing up and going door to door telling jokes or stories for money, sweets, or fruit. The trees are turning a beautiful array of colours, cosy jackets, scarves, and hats are being worn and […]

The body knows the score – The float score that is.

Magic is within you

There has been much written and discussed about the temperature of the water in a float environment and a common misconception is to have the water hotter in cold countries. While there is a little grace in this its not as much as you would think. The temperature in a float environment should range anywhere […]

The push and pull of our nervous system in the floaty world of Hydro-ease

Magic is within you

Do you ever just sense somethings not right? Do you ever feel agitated, on edge or just downright uneasy in a certain place? Have you ever just sat with this feeling and made sense of its presence? Have you ever felt restless in someone’s company? Have you ever avoided someone as you know you just […]

Standing on the red dot

Magic is within you

“In business your network supports your net worth”. This is a quote I remember hearing way back in the beginning when I first ventured out on my own and set up Hydro-ease. Words that have remained with me, and by net worth I mean the value and investment people put on their relationship with you […]

When are you your real age? And when are you your emotional age?

Magic is within you

It can be sometimes hard to hear .. “You are getting on like a child” even if it’s just from your internal voice and not from others, because deep down a part of you is screaming.  I AM A CHILD CAN’T YOU SEE ME!! Our emotional, or sometimes referred to as our developmental, age is […]

Blue Monday blog

Magic is within you

Well, here we are, the most miserable day of the year allegedly. I say allegedly as blue Monday was reportedly invented by psychologist Cliff Arnall in 2005 after travel company Sky Travel asked him to come up with a scientific equation to work out when the January blues – the time after the festive season […]

CT Problems

Personal Identity People could be lying about their age. People could be imitating specific people that. People could lie about their location. Software Interoperability The site is designed specifically for a desktop user, although the tools used are responsive and should translate over to  Mobile devices, this is not a guarantee and issues may still […]

304 Home

TriExpansionPartnership This is the Tri Expansion Partnership knowledge base wiki (TEPwiki). At its inception Tri Expansion Partnership is a partnership of Chris and Jo which has developed the specification for the Tri Expansion Partnership software. We expect to recruit somewhere between 15 and 20 people in the first 6 months as the system is developed. […]

Site Purpose

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