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December – We welcome you to calm and relaxation during one of the busiest times of the year.

Magic is within you


At salty towers (Hydro-ease 😊) we are so ready to welcome you into a place of calm and relaxation during one of the busiest times of the year. 

At this point in the year a lot of us feel time just slips away and we don’t have enough of it, or it drags, and we just can’t wait for it to be over. Spending an hour letting all your tension, tightness, stress and worry just release is EXACTLY what you need.

Whatever your feelings are towards this time of year I am sure you recognise this is a great time to sit down with yourself and review where you are now in relation to where you were at the start of the year.

This year has certainly been a learning experience that I feel stronger and more connected to my truth for having gone through.

In 2021 I left a 10-year marriage because I realised I had many things inside of me that needed time and space to heal. I was honest with myself and my husband, and stood in my truth, I decided to honour the authenticity within my skin and admit that I had traded this authenticity for so many years to gain connection to others.

Betrayal of self never ends well.

If any of you have been through this process of separation and divorce, and even those who haven’t, I am sure you will know it’s a rough ride. 

A journey from gut to heart to head is always going to be a journey of learnings and discovery. 

The unfolding of this journey has lasted almost 3 years, and, in that time, I have cried and screamed, as well as laughed until I’ve cried and screamed. I’ve immersed myself into many practices to heal.

It has been a process of holding empathic space for myself. Using compassion, curiosity, courage and commitment to self and I am finally at the last stretch, where hopefully, I can continue building the internal wisdom and growth from being truly me. 

So, what have I learnt in the last 3 years?

  • When you are angry, annoyed, and frustrated – Sit with it. It will bring you a sense of calm from being patient. When you hold onto it rather than sitting with it, it feels like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die – It will only kill you from the inside.
  • When you feel abandoned and afraid – Sit with it. It will teach you to stick up for yourself through courage and challenging your thoughts. Fear will feel accepted and seen wanting to be part of the journey to unfold.
  • When you feel challenged by “problems” – Sit with it. It will teach you to see solutions much quicker and act with courteous good will. Challenges stand between you and what you want.
  • When you feel attacked and victimised – Sit with it. It will teach you humility and independence, the greatest form of defence is to acknowledge your triggers and speak their truth – Pushing them down, batting them away just creates jack in the boxes that pop in your face when you least expect them.
  • When you feel you need to please others and “just do what they want” – Sit with it. You will quickly realise, to spend a life being what others want and never hurting, betraying, disappointing or offending anyone means you never fully honoured yourself and did anything worthy. You matter, make your voice heard.
  • When you feel overwhelmed and anxious – Sit with this one the longest. It will teach you to listen to your body, she/he is always talking to you – Make space for it all, feel it all and let these old and familiar sensations guide you home to the safety of you. 

Authenticity, self-love, and compassion for self are the fundamental foundations of life. If I’ve made any kind of transformation in the last 3 years, it is this.

My 2024 will be starting with a much lighter first step, a more peaceful internal space with more drive and determination to honour my child within, she’s beautiful and gracious with an equilibrium of self that deserves to be seen and heard.

Just like yours.

Happy festive season whatever you are getting up to. Go forth into 2024 with your sense of authenticity and if you’re feeling lost or empty, claim you back from wherever you’ve left or hidden her/him.

Love from Vivian.