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When Nothing is Central to Everything


If I were to ask you “What are you thinking right now?” Could you answer? And if you did how quickly would that thought change?

It’s such a difficult question to answer and get spot on as it involves being able to draw your attention to the immediate moment, which while there is other “stuff” (very technical term) going on in the background it is hard to do.

Maybe you have some oils burning away or the smell of the toast you made earlier is still lingering around, maybe you are mulling over something you said yesterday or an event you have later today.

At any one time, all these sensory and internal stimuli could be developing thoughts in your mind, making it difficult to bring your attention to any one thing. And we all know that when we let our brains run amok on one particular subject, what often happens is we jump to the wildest of conclusions to fit our internal representation of what is actually

happening, that’s the thing you see, our internal filters will delete, distort and generalise the world to fit with our perception of ourselves, other people and the world in general.

Thankfully this process can be brought into line with the use of breath work, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and anyone who has committed themselves to a life of enlightenment will know it’s all about quietening the mind, connecting with the body and being present in the moment, from Buddhists monks to stressed out mums in a yoga class we all looking for the sense of self that enables us to create flow allowing our minds to be free from thought and distraction.

What happens in the float environment is the coolest mind and body hack you will ever experience, in the space of one hour you can reach the same level of mind/body connection often only afforded to those who put in the hours.

And the great news is the more you do it the better it becomes you see on an unconscious level we like things to be the same as similar to other things as it makes it easy for us to process, the more expectations we put on things the more we are able to actualise these expectations, the only expectation to have when floating is no expectations, to let go and really just give yourself up to the process, this is probably the fastest and easiest way to experience the full possibilities to be found in nothing and the more you do it … the more nothing you get. In a time where we live with artificial intelligence and human computation we would all benefit from the infinite possibilities in nothing!