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What is Floating?


You may have heard of it, but do you really know what it is?

Floatation involves floating in 25cms of body temp water and half a tonne of Epsom salt. We spend 80% of our daily energy source fighting the effects of gravity, floatation createsa zero gravity environment, it can be experienced in cabins, pods, tanks or pools.

Free from the weight of gravity the 80% of energy turns inwards, activating the blood flow and increasing circulation while stimulating both the lymphatic and digestive system. This in turn restricts the production of lactic acid and breaks down any already in the system, placing the body into detox mode. Simultaneously the whole peripheral nervous system glides into a state of stable balance placing the body into the deepest state of rest and relaxation. Your body rests and repairs 4 times faster in a float environment than it does in bed.

While in the floatation environment stimulation to your senses is restricted to allow your central nervous system to begin to slow down and your brain to drift from its usual alpha/beta brain waves into theta. In this state our brain releases the same endorphins as 5-7 hours sleep, endorphins are our body’s natural pain killer and mood enhancer. Our whole skeletal structure then has a chance to realign and decompress and we are afforded the experience of resetting.

We are born with over 300 bones (1/3 cartilage and tissue) and at age 8-18 months our bones fuse and form, this is also the time we take to our feet so the skeletal structure NEVER gets a chance to decompress and realign as it is always stimulated by gravity and external pressure.