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Half a Decade and Going From Strength to Strength!

Magic is within you


Well well well… I remember standing in a float centre in Edinburgh in June 2015 being told that my idea to open a float centre specialising in providing space for people whose mental health was compromised would never work. That “they people” could be dangerous and how much I should reconsider and add in beauty therapy as part of my offering for it to be a success.

As always, I used my tried and tested model of listening to what people have to say then moving forward in the best way, I believe, to do things. Now don’t get me wrong if I am given advice that I think is worth considering, that resonates with me and supports my desired outcome then hell yeah I’ll take it on board all day long. However that lady’s suggestion was not getting considered, was nowhere near my desired outcome and did not resonate with me at all… “they people”… aarrg! Her comment still irks me to this day. I was once one of “they people”. Attitudes and comments like that circled in my head at that point in my life, every day, so I really did not appreciate her words.

Yet here I am today starting a blog with this exchange of words between myself and this lady half a decade later, so I suppose in some way she confirmed to me that I was on the right path. So judge’y not nice lady… thank you! x

The stigma associated with compromised mental health is something I work tirelessly to reframe; we all have our mental health comprised at some point in time. The earlier in our life that we have this experience the more likely we are to be hijacked by it as an adult, this does not mean it is who we are for a lifetime. No it simply means we would benefit from releasing the emotion and move forward with the learnings.

On the 29th of September 2020 Hydro-ease has been serving the community of Northern Ireland and beyond for 5 years and I am absolutely delighted to say I stuck by my initial vision and created my beautiful dedicated floatation centre specialising in mental health improvement.

Do we have people floating with us who are living with physical pain? Absolutely.

Do we have couples and adults floating with children? Absolutely.

Do we have guests who are on the SPECTRUM? Absolutely.

Do we have ladies floating who are pre- and post-natal? Absolutely.

Do we host people who just want time out of our chaotic modern world to just chill? You betcha.Some photos from Hydro-Ease under construction!

Whatever reason delivers you to the float I could give you an exceptionally good justification why it will help. My passion and longing to serve has been enhanced by the experience of the last 5 years here in Hydro-ease. We are not supposed to live the way we do, our equipment (body and mind) is so out of date yet super sophisticated at the same time. Unfortunately we are not set up to operate in such a frenetic environment… our fingers still prune when we go into water to support us when we are catching slippery objects in water, like fish for flip sake! (Struggling to remember the last time I caught fish with my bare hands.)

Anyhow I believe we are all struggling, in some way, with how our modern lives are impacting our sensory input, and I believe floatation is just the perfect anti dote to modern life. So for the last five years I have shared my viewpoint with anyone who is prepared to listen.

The last 5 years have been the biggest learning curve, mostly about myself and who I have the potential to become, however I could not have done any of it without the support, guidance and belief of those around me including you reading this blog!

I am eternally grateful for the gifts I possess and how I use them to help people to release the magic within. For the people around me and how they support me to thrive and grown and l look forward to still be writing blogs like this in 10 years’ time.

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Viv & All the Team at Hydro-Ease

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