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Birthdays, Beards and Awards. It’s all happening at Hydro-Ease!


Well I can honestly say August has been a total whirlwind, it started with Mental Health first aid training and climaxed with the delivery of a talk at the annual float conference in Portland, Oregon about the Havening Technique and how, at hydro-ease, we are using it in unison with floatation to ‘super charge’ personal change.

Here were so many inspiring and motivating talks I came back with a head full of ideas. So much is going on within the industry from clinical research to due diligence rescue boards there really was something to interest everyone.

August saw us extending our open hours to include Monday 10am -10pm and Friday nights hours extended from 6pm to 10pm, we also welcoming the lovely Lisa Robertson to cover these hours, she has fitted straight in and had already put her stamp on the place.

September is coming to an end and we have welcomed Johnny Rinaldo to our float family. Johnny has joined us from Portland to bring his experience and knowledge from working at the cutting edge of the industry, spending time in a few of the most successful float centres in the world. Johnny has the most impressive beard and is swapping it for bandanas for children diagnosed with cancer, you can support him through his and really make a difference to children who perhaps don’t understand their diagnosis but who most definitely understand losing their hair, the charity is Bandanas for the Brave.

On a different note I made it to the finals for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the entrepreneur for good award, and headed over to Edinburgh on Thursday 14 September

For a PR and publicity event, the winners will be revealed Thursday 8th November. I am both honoured and humbled to be shortlisted for this award and really looking forward to being involved – I even had an opportunity to deliver my pitch at this event (photographed) and enjoyed every minute of it!

To mark our third birthday on 29 September we offered Floats for only £29!