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Reconnect Through the Power of Havening

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    Havening helps with:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Feelings of Overwhelm
    Hydro-Ease owner Vivian McKinnon engaging in a RAFT Trauma Recovery session with a client using the Havening Technique

    Havening Technique

    Vivan is a certified practitioner of the ground breaking Havening Technique.

    Havening is a process scientifically proven to eliminate the consequences of emotional stored memories through the encouragement and development of a more resilient mind.

    When we have an event in our life that we give meaning to, based on how we process the information via our five senses, we can sometimes develop phobias, traumatically encoded memories (PTSD/injury), pathological emotions, anxiety, grief, somatic pain and many other conditions.

    The Havening technique, otherwise known as psycho-sensory therapy, is proving highly effective in removing these responses.

    This therapeutic approach was created by Dr Ronald Ruden, a medical practitioner and theorist from the USA introduced to the idea of tapping technologies, such as EFT and TFT by hypnotist and personal development expert Paul McKenna.

    After achieving some great results, they decided to research this approach further. They identified when an event has been stored in the mind and body as trauma, simple touch, known as psycho-sensory input in unison with distracting techniques produces symptomatic relief.

    Enabled by technology, we are able to offer one-to-one Havening sessions through Zoom and Skype.


    How many formal presentations have I done in my life? At least a thousand...maybe more? So, a friendly 10 minute talk to a couple of hundred people about a subject I'm passionate about and know inside out should be easy. Right? Well the first two minutes go as planned, but then "Bang." Everything stops. Words, thoughts, breathing all stop. My heart starts to pound so much it feels like it's bleeding; imaginary flash bulbs pop in front of my eyes; deafening white noise floods my ears. PANIC and RUN are my only thoughts - so I do.

    Just when I should have been moving on to my fourth slide and landing the first in a series of corny jokes I'm lying, head down in the Green room of an important event crying. All my friends and family are in the audience and its being recorded for broadcast. All around me is a bubble of 'nothingness' and I all I want to say is "Dear World, open up the floor and swallow me now!"

    There are some sentences in your life that you'll never forget and for me, "Hi, my name is Vivian, can I help you?" will always be one of them. I'd never met Vivian before. She'd been a member of the audience and had volunteered in her capacity as a wellness therapist to come and help me.

    Using Havening and other techniques she got me calmed down, back to a good place and within an hour I was able to return to the stage. I'm pretty sure that the standing ovation I got at the end was more to do with showing guts than it was for my content but I would not have been able to do it if it wasn't for Vivian. I will be forever grateful for her skill, compassion and generosity. Thank you!


    What are you Waiting for?

      Contact us now to discuss availability and begin to reconnect with your true self!

      What are you Waiting for?

      Contact us now to discuss availability and begin to reconnect with your true self!