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Be at your Peak each time you Speak

March 14th

Be at your Peak each time you Speak

Public Speaking allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without effective communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible.

Public speaking can be one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication, but not anymore, come and join us for a day of learning.

This full day interactive workshop course will include;

· Welcome and introductions

Aim- To create cohesion within the group and set expectations. Highlight the invite to step out with comfort zones.

· Communication model- How do we create our reality and what can we do to reduce the anxious response when giving a talk.

Aim – To bring attention to how we create our internal landscape and explore ways to defuse and deactivate the amygdala and improve the memory for retention of intended message. What is your why?

· Body language- Gestures and what they mean.

Aim – To introduce the power of what we say without words, to identify a way of communicating clearly that is beyond words.

· Content- structure and tips on how to deliver without notes.

Aim – To develop, Improve and construct what feels right and comes naturally, preferably with no notes.

· Visioning and ‘Flow’

Aim – To highlight the power of the best nation in the world, the ‘imagination’ explore flow and how to achieve it.

· Presentation

Aim- To bring the whole day together and measure distance travelled.


These Testimonials were collected from feedback forms given out to participants at the end of the day.

"Perfect blend of theory + Practice... I am leaving this course feeling so confident and inspired to get out there and deliver a great talk! ❤️"

"Today I was able to learn really important skills. Feel as if I have learned so much!"

"Fantastic, very detailed content put across in a way I could understand. Thank you for today, truly feel I've the skills to move forward + be successful! xoxo"

"So much information that was practical and useful. So glad I attended and gave me lots to practice + apply. Thank You!"