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We sell more than just Floats at Hydro-Ease! Here's a selection of some of the amazing products we stock. All items are available to purchase in store. Come check them out next time you're at the Centre!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps are available for purchase right now at Hydro-Ease! The lamps are made from 100% Himalayan Salt from Pakistan and would make a wonderful addition to your home decor. They also, reportedly, have several health benefits; such as improving your mood, purifying the air from potential allergens and helping you get a better nights sleep.


USB Powered Rock Salt Lamps

£ 12.50

Fire Bowl

£ 30

Oval Lamp

£ 25

Round Lamp

£ 25

We also stock unshaped Himalayan Salt Lamps in sizes ranging from 5-25KG. Here's the prices:

5-7Kg Salt Lamp

£ 28

9-12Kg Salt Lamp

£ 40

15-20Kg Salt Lamp

£ 50

20-25Kg Salt Lamp

£ 75

Hempful CBD

We stock this incredible range of CBD Products from our good friends over at Hempful! They are a local producer, based out of Derry, who produce a wonderful award winning full spectrum CBD Oil, alongside CBD Tea bags. Both are available right now at the centre!

CBD Tea Bags

£ 13 Per Box

250mg-1500mg CBD Spray

£ 18-90 Per Bottle

CBD Coffee

£ 24 Per Bag

Handmade Soap Co

Get the aromas of Hydro-Ease in your own home! We stock these fantastic Handmade Soap Co products and actively use them in the centre. From oil diffusers, shampoos to Hand washes, we stock a wide range of their products to keep you and your home clean and smelling amazing! To top it all off, these products are 100% guaranteed to be cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Oil Diffuser

£ 32

Diffuser Refill

£ 21


£ 20 Per Candle


£ 15 Per Bottle


£ 15 Per Bottle

Shower Gel

£ 14 Per Bottle


£ 14 Per Bottle

Aromatherapy Necklace

These beautiful Aromatherapy Necklaces are a newer addition to the Hydro-Ease family of products. They work by trapping essential oils within the glass so that they seep out slowly, releasing their pleasant scent. This method of application for essential oils can be better for those with sensitive skin.


Aromatherapy Necklace

Per Necklace
£ 12

Turkish Gourd Lamps

Every Gourd Lamp, like every vegetable, is unique and special in it's own way. The shape, size and design for every lamp is different from the rest. As such prices vary depending on the size and design of the lamp. Regardless, we think they'd make an excellent choice for your home decor!


Gourd Lamp

Prices vary based on size and design
£ 0 Per Lamp