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At Hydro-ease we take a new, cutting edge approach to healing. Through floatation and the offer of the latest therapeutic solutions or a combination of both, we can help with; emotional and psychological trauma, anxiety, fears and phobias, post-traumatics stress disorder/injury, depression, grief, guilt and shame, anger and rage, chronic pain and illness, cravings and emotional eating, insomnia and sleep issues, compulsions, obsessions and addictions, self-esteem and self-confidence, stress and resilience, visualisation and creativity, sports injury and enhancement, performance, installing positive beliefs and motivation towards goals.

Meet the Team

Hydro-ease owner and founder "Vivian McKinnon" regional co-ordinator of UK SMART Recovery helping people
north ire business woman of the year_Winner

Vivian McKinnon

Wellness and Floatation expert Vivian McKinnon set up Hydro-ease in Inspire Business Park, Dundonald on the outskirts of Belfast in 2015.

She established the business in response to traumatic childhood experiences, a chance introduction to floatation in her native Scotland and a passion for helping people move away from pain.

The idea came about during her first float in Edinburgh in 2004 when Vivian knew instantly this ‘strange and a bit different therapy’ could help other people; especially those suffering from addictions or in physical and mental pain.

She was sceptical about floatation at first, questioning the process: “How is this going to be good for me?” How is this going to help?” before taking the all-important leap of faith. Find out more in Vivian's blog The Magic is Within You.

It took just minutes for her mind to rest and inner critic to disappear. Residual fibromyalgia type pain and soreness in her muscles also subsided.

In that moment, Vivian’s life purpose became clear. She now dedicates herself to helping people heal from the pain of their past and is realising that ambition through opening Hydro-ease, NI’s only floatation centre.

Free of her own trauma, she is thriving and living out her mission of ‘healing the world, one float at a time.’ It’s also her belief ‘there is magic within us all to heal and change’.
Vivian is also an inspirational and creative therapeutic practitioner, with an interest in the latest approaches in neuroscience to healing and has almost 3 decades of experience as a change-work specialist.

Through her ‘Wellness Consultancy,’ located at Hyrdro-ease, she is qualified and practiced in: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Havening Technique, Laughter Yoga, Auricular Acupuncture and is the only Spectrum Performance and Emotional Coach in Ireland.

She is also a registered mental health trainer with the Health Care Trust, the NI regional co-ordinator for SMART Recovery and has recently joined the board of the International Float Association.

These services, on offer at Hydro-ease, can be combined with floatation through its RAFT programme to help individuals, teams and community groups improve health and well-being.

Vivian is sought after as a media commentator on floatation and mental health and is gaining increasing recognition on local, national and international conference and speaking circuits. Find out more on Vivian’s LinkedIn Profile here.

Hydro-ease employee Judith Crozier

Judith Crozier

Judith Crozier is the Centre Manager at Hydro-ease and has been with the business for 3.5 years. She previously worked in the hospitality, recruitment and local government sectors and has always enjoyed providing high levels of customer service.

Judith first floated just over 3.5 years ago describing the experience as having a ‘positively profound effect on her physically, emotionally and mentally’. A couple of months later, she was offered a part time role as a REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Advisor at Hydro-ease and began floating weekly.

Judith has also benefited from a number of Havening sessions with Vivian making further profound changes to her life with her thoughts and emotions shifting so dramatically that ‘for the first time in my life I started to thrive and have never looked back.’

Main responsibilities in Hydro-ease include the smooth running of the centre and ensuring each client and Ambassador members have a positive experience.

An essential part of her role is float cabin water maintenance, involving checking and ensuring high quality water standards with daily water tests, balancing water chemistry, changing filters, topping up Epsom salt, deep cleaning and sanitising float cabins and float rooms.

Picture of Hydro-Ease employee Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson

Lisa joined Hydro-ease in August 2018 in the role of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Advisor. Her job entails, meeting and greeting customers, explaining the Hydro-ease floatation process and ensuring hygiene standards are always met.

Prior to joining the business, she worked for over 20-years in a variety of retail positions developing her skills in customer services and relationship management.

With a busy family life and two children, Lisa works part-time. She loves the reactions Hydro-ease clients have after floating ‘their smiles, their relief, even the confusion that happens, the expression of what just happened there?'

Lisa enjoys meeting people and feels it is important to empathise and listen to their stories. Hydro-ease, she says, has a relaxing atmosphere and is ideal for busy people.

In her spare time and while not floating, Lisa takes long walks while listening to music.

Hydro-Ease employee Hayley-Rae Hopkins

Hayley-Rae Hopkins

Vivian McKinnon’s daughter, Hayley-Rae volunteers at Hydro-Ease most Saturdays. She is studying to become an accountant. On her days off from office work, she can usually be found horse riding, organising young farmers or in a float cabin.

Hayley has benefited from the vast amount of knowledge her mum has passed on to her over the past four years and puts that to good use when introducing ‘newbies’ to the ‘floaty world of Hydro-ease.’

Hayley is interested in all things agricultural, accountancy and is also passionate about mental health.