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Havening Technique

Vivan is a certified practitioner of the ground breaking Havening Technique.

The Havening Technique is a process scientifically proven to eliminate the consequences of emotional stored memories through the encouragement and development of a more resilient mind.

When we have an event in our life that we give meaning to, based on how we process the information via our five senses, we can sometimes develop phobias, traumatically encoded memories (PTSD/injury), pathological emotions, anxiety, grief, somatic pain and many other conditions.

The Havening technique, otherwise known as psychos-sensory therapy, is proving highly effective in removing these responses.

This therapeutic approach was created by Dr Ronald Ruden, a medical practitioner and theorist from the USA introduced to the idea of tapping technologies, such as EFT and TFT by hypnotist and personal development expert Paul McKenna.

After achieving some great results, they decided to research this approach further. They identified when an event has been stored in the mind and body as trauma, simple touch, known as psycho-sensory input in unison with distracting techniques produces symptomatic relief.

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