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Happy Guests!

In the middle of a very stressful year due to my final year of uni and suffering some mental health issues I was recommended to give hydroease a go by a family member.

What can I say this place is amazing the level of care is extraordinary even after my RAFT treatments (3) had finished. I chose to carry out a float once a week after finishing a long day of uni and the results were amazing I left the treatment feeling lighter about my stress and worries and this feeling stayed with me for days!!! By the time it came round to my next float I was buzzing with excitement! The float in a way helped to ground me and allow me to regain focus as I was consistently on the go and my head was constantly all over the place.

The team here are extraordinary and so supportive even beyond their jobs as Viv and Judith came to support me at my final year show, this shows that hydro ease and floating is not just a job as they truly care about the individual beyond floating! I couldn't recommend this place or the team highly enough. Now that I've finished my studies I look forward to getting back down for another float and to refocus once again!!

Sarah-Jane Tone


Have just completed the emotion regulator 7 days course and had my float on the seventh day. I am feeling absolutely fantastic.

You do a short written exercise of 4 questions whilst applying the havening techniques afterwards and listening to a short audio guide, approx. 5-6 mins addressing strong negative emotions. They peeled off me like layers of an onion skin!! I feel renewed.

Even my husband remarked how much more upbeat and positive my mood seems to be. The audio is mine to keep on my phone, so I know I can always come back to it if I feel the need.

Thank you so much Viv!! Bless you from the bottom of my heart. I shall be back again soon xxx

Susan Best

7 day Emotion Regulator & Float therapy

My experience of floatation at Hydro-Ease in Belfast was a lovely introduction to this modality of healing.

After my hour suspended in the pool, my body freed from all external tension and my mind spared all sensory overstimulation. I found myself in a state of relaxation and a feeling of pleasant anticipation.

I immediately saw how this technique could help ease man stress-related conditions in our frenetic culture.

Gabor Mate

Float Therapy

At first I was resistant to the idea of going to Hydro-Ease and taking part in the RAFT sessions with Viv, i thought what is this and how could it possibly help me. That was my negativity speaking that had become so ingrained over the previous years of alcohol abuse and I had not fully accepted that I needed help to overcome my addiction. Over time I released that what Viv was doing was helping to plant seeds of change in my mind and then the sessions in the the float tank helped to grow those seeds just like a plant being watered. Hydro-Ease is such a lovely calming space that really helps you think and focus on what you need to do to get to a happier place in life. I can’t recommend the RAFT sessions with Viv highly enough, she is someone who has experienced so much herself and so understands the pain that you’re coming from. At no point did I feel judged or that something I would talk about would seem silly to her. Out of every person I spoke to on my journey to try and live better, no one has help me more to see things in a different way and truly helped me look inside and find the tools to help myself. She does not ever point you in a direction as in you should do this or that. She helps you realise in yourself the things you already know but had repressed or didn’t feel able to change. Because after all the only person who can ever really change your thinking is you. The RAFT sessions unlocked so much that I didn’t properly face before. I always left feeling calmer, more thoughtful and able to see things in a more constructive forward looking way. Best thing I ever did on my journey of recovery was the time I spent talking with Viv and the float sessions to help process my thoughts.

Graeme McCormick


I would like to share my experience of floating. I have just finished a degree in mental health nursing and an working as a mental health nurse. I had been experiencing anxiety due to stress of the degree and an busy home life. I have been unable to achieve quality sleep for well over a year and have lacked motivation due to fatigue.

I have now had 3 floats and since the first float have been able to sleep soundly each night and have noticed a massive reduction in my symptoms of anxiety!

As a result I have felt an increase in motivation and overall wellbeing that has enabled me to attend the gym that I have been paying for!

As a result of my personal floating experience, I am: sleeping better; feel more motivated, less anxious; and now healthier, fitter and happy!

Where has this been all my life! Thank you.

A Mental Health Nurse

Float Therapy

How many formal presentations have I done in my life? At least a thousand...maybe more? So, a friendly 10 min talk to a couple of hundred people about a subject I'm passionate about and know inside out should be easy. Right? Well the first 2 minutes go as planned, but then "Bang!!!" Everything stops. Words, thoughts, breathing all stop. My heart starts to pound so much it feels like its bleeding; imaginary flash bulbs pop in front of my eyes; deafening white noise floods my ears. PANIC and RUN are my only thoughts - so I do.

Just when I should have moving on to my 4th slide - and landing the first in a series of corny jokes - I'm lying, head down in the Green room crying. All my friends and family are in the audience and its being recorded for broadcast. All around me is a bubble of 'nothingness' and I all I want to say is "Dear World, open up the floor and swallow me now!"

There are some sentences in your life that you'll never forget.and for me, "Hi, my name is Vivian, can I help you?" will always be one of them. I'd never met Vivian before. She'd been a member of the audience and had volunteered IN HER CAPACITY AS A WELLNESS THERAPIST to come and help me. Using Havening and other techniques she got me calmed down, back to a good place and within an hour I was able to return to the stage. I'm pretty sure that the standing ovation I got at the end was more to do with showing guts than it was for my content, but I would not have been able to do it if it wasn't for Vivian. I will be forever grateful for her skill, compassion and generosity. Thank you!

Stephen Lusty