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30 Minute Floatation Consultation

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In the 3 months since closing we have been working on a few things and one of them is a new consultation model.
Floatation is the perfect way to;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve the immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Detox
  • Relax, revive and reconnect to yourself spiritually
  • Improve sleep and eliminate insomnia
  • Reduce mental and physical pain
As well as many other benefits, floatation is the perfect antidote to modern life, especially coming out of this lockdown.
If you think your self care needs something robust and evidence based, if your “new normal” involves looking after yourself and being a better version of you.

5 reviews for 30 Minute Floatation Consultation

  1. Sarah-Jane

    This would be my first time, Yet I’ve geared amazing results about it

    • Vivian McKinnon

      Yah! So pleased

  2. Lisa reid

    this would be my 1st time looking forward to it

  3. Bernadette Fitzgerald

    Can’t wait

  4. Ann Fitzgerald

    Looking forward

  5. Marian Murray

    Looking forward to hearing more about Hydrotherapy.

    • Vivian McKinnon

      Thank you

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