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Are You Aware of Your Hungry Ghosts?

By Vivian McKinnon | Apr 9, 2021

Around 2013 I came across Dr Gabor Mate. I was instantly drawn into his fascinating and accurate understanding of human experience. His calm, measured way of presenting information was like eating a galaxy chocolate bar while floating along the laziest river, I was instantly hooked and became captivated by his work. Gabor Maté’s experience includes…

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The Law of Attraction

By Vivian McKinnon | Feb 15, 2021

What is the Law of Attraction and How it Can Improve Your Life? Ask anyone you know, and he or she has probably heard of the book and the movie, “The Secret,” and the term “Law of attraction.” In 2006 I was gifted a copy of “The Secret“ from a dear friend and inside she…

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Blue Monday!.. Keep it real

By Vivian McKinnon | Jan 18, 2021

You know what really makes me sad? Watching someone pretending to be someone else for everyone else’s sake. Just think about that… have you ever done this? I remember years ago hearing my mum putting on a posh voice when we were at the doctors or the optician. Almost as a bleak attempt to have…

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Are you locked in patterns that no longer serve you?

By Vivian McKinnon | Dec 15, 2020

There’s been a lot of talk about stress and anxiety this year, and it’s hardly surprising given what we are all going through. When we are stressed and anxious, we start up a part of the body/mind called the sympathetic nervous system, this system is to keep us safe and is a really good thing,…

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General Catch Up

By Vivian McKinnon | Nov 6, 2020

It’s been a busy ole time in Hydro-ease. With the ever-increasing uncertainty around COVID people are reaching out more and more due to compromised Mental Health. From worrying about catching the disease to worrying about losing their job we have supported so many at this time and will continue to do so. Our new staff…

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Half a Decade and Going From Strength to Strength!

By Vivian McKinnon | Sep 28, 2020

Well well well… I remember standing in a float centre in Edinburgh in June 2015 being told that my idea to open a float centre specialising in providing space for people whose mental health was compromised would never work. That “they people” could be dangerous and how much I should reconsider and add in beauty…

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Mistakes – Don’t Give In and Never Give Up

By Vivian McKinnon | Aug 24, 2020

The Only Mistakes You Will Ever Make Is Not Understanding The Lesson. A long time ago in a land far away .. isn’t that how most fairy tales start? Well this one started in Scotland on the 26th January 1990. I say fairy tale however it was more like a real life horror story. After…

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Come in .. it’s great to have you back

By Vivian McKinnon | Jul 17, 2020

These words have been never far from my mind since we closed on 23rd March. It was a long 104 days while we were closed. I lost track of time, and myself, at some point on almost every one of those days. It is a real testament to our resilience. To come out the other…

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Viv’s Lockdown Survival Plan

By Vivian McKinnon | May 13, 2020

A 10-point plan to get you through the (hopefully) last few weeks of lockdown. We thrive and grow from our interactions with others. So how do we stop ourselves from over thinking and sending our nervous systems going into anxiety meltdown. Our current situation is causing overall population stress, but what about those who were…

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