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Welcome to the 7 Day Emotion Regulator

This approach has been designed using proven cutting-edge neuroscientific approaches.


Seven Day Emotion Regulator

At this uncertain time would you like to be able to regulate your emotions?

Unique to Hydro-ease, Vivian has developed an evidence based Seven Day Emotion Regulator course as a great introduction to her one to one work (available via ZOOM)

This brand new revolutionary product usually uses a combination of floatation therapy and therapeutic techniques ‘to super charge personal change.’ For a limited time only, we have opened up the personal change element (please note it will make reference to booking a float, please ignore this part)

Using cutting-edge approaches to neuroscience this taster course will enable you to self soothe and manage your emotions.

This introduction programme uses an easy to follow written task and audio recording format in no more than ten minutes a day across a full week.

Participants will learn how to regulate emotions, to create ‘in the moment’ rational responses rather than reactions.

Each day has its own focus:

Day 1. Anger

Day 2. Sadness

Day 3. Fear

Day 4. Guilt/shame

Day 5. Hurt

Day 6. Anxiety

Day 7. Consolidation of the learnings.


This unique, effective and evidence-based approach is exclusive to Hydro-ease, A great introduction to our additional service enabling you to uncover who you just might be underneath all the layers of ego, experiences and human programming that has enabled you to become emotionally off balance.


Please find below the course content for each day.